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We are actively recruiting any and all levels for all game-play styles. Ask any Member for an invitation or sign up here & an officer will look at your application!
Game News
The Defiant guild 'Throne of Defiance' is on Rift (mmorpg) shard / server Millrush.
The GM (Opium) purchased the first Guild Charter on shard, taking 2 days to find enough people (4) to sign it!  That is just how low the population was at the time of its formation.  Coada was the first to sign, then others signed, and ToD became the 1st Defiant guild to call Millrush home.

ToD has its hands in every cookie jar.  From Rift chasing guild groups, that maraud about the land terrorizing invading NPC's, to PvP junkies that top the shard charts over and over.  Throne of Defiance has most of the shard firsts and will continue to provide its members with a nice place to 'nest' while they grow in this 'new' game. (I use new loosely as most have been on every beta so far)

If you would like to become a member of ToD, join our shard / server (Millrush) and do a /who guild search 'Throne of Defiance'.  Any member online can offer you a recruit level membership and we actively promote members.

Our main mission:  FUN (less frustrating) gaming obviously, with our eye toward the 'end game content' prize.  

We have people that use the guild chat to get together to do Raider groups, Quest grinding, PVP, RIFT chasing, Farming, Crafting, Achievement collecting, Etc.  You will not be alone with over 270 members.

When signing up, please use a name similar to that of your toons if your main toons name isnt available. ie: Your name is Jonny in the game, and it is taken on this site.  You could choose ToDJonny, JonnyToD, or RiftJonny instead.  This helps keep everyone straight on who is who. Also, if you do not want to use a real email, that is fine :) make up one a new one for your toon on gmail or yahoo or w/e if you wish. Thank you for signing up to help make ToD more cohesive in nature, and a place of drama free fun.
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